If you find one or more transaction(s) on your account that you do not recognise, you did not authorise or believe to be incorrect, there are a few things you should do:

1.  Check your statement thoroughly:

Review the date and the amount of the transaction(s) to see if you are able to remember if you used your card at the time and place.

Sometimes merchants use a different trading name to the billing name that appears on the statement.

If the date or amount looks incorrect, check your purchase receipt and try to match it with the transaction(s) amount on your statement.


2.  If you have an additional cardholder on the account check with them to see if they made the purchase. 


3.  Check if your card is in your possession. If it is not then you should immediately report the card as lost or stolen.

If you've checked everything and you still don't believe the transaction(s) or purchase(s) is/are yours, you should contact us immediately on 020 8962 7401.